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Commiekazi Attack - Grrr Graphics - Ben Garrison Cartoon - By Ben Garrison - The Radical Democrats Have Declared War on our president and our nation. The Democrats are desperate. None in their large field of candidates are capable of defeating Trump in 2020. Nearly all of them lean far-left. Some are downright socialists. All of them hate our current president. Nancy Pelosi may not be considered a socialist, but she hates Trump with a passion. However, she does have some common sense. She saw the futility of impeaching a populist president who never
Commiekazi Attack

Democrats curse, scream, throw urine, burn MAGA hats, hit Trump fans - Hundreds of protesters outside President Trump s rally in Minneapolis Thursday night set fire to Make America Great Again hats and other memorabilia, tossed urine at Trump fans and police, screamed and cursed like banshees, showing their hatred for the President, police, and the right-wing half of America. Police eventually broke up the crowds of Democrats and their communist Antifa army. There were reports that multiple protesters were arrested. [THE FULL SPEECH BY THE PRESIDENT CAN BE
Democrats Curse, Scream, Throw Urine, Burn MAGA Hats, Hit Trump Fans

Anti-Trump NBA Coach Steve Kerr Compares Communist Tyrant Mao Zedong's Massacre of 65 Million Chinese to America's Human Right's Record (VIDEO) - Steve Kerr doubles down Proves he's a historically illiterate Marxist sympathizer. Earlier this week loudmouth Trump-hating Warrior's coach Steve Kerr refused to condemn the Communist Chinese regime for their human rights record. On his FOX News show on Tuesday Tucker Carlson took loudmouth anti-Trump Warriors coach Steve Kerr to task for bowing down to the Chinese Communist regime. This was brutal! Tucker Carlson: 'Steve Kerr is a phony. He's brave when crowds applaud,
Unreal: Anti-Trump NBA Coach Steve Kerr Compares Communist Tyrant Mao Zedong's Massacre Of 65 Million Chinese To America's Human Right's Record

Sarah Sanders: Trump Made the Right Decision in 'Incredibly Difficult' Syria Situation

'Did NOT See That Coming!' Beto O'Rourke Makes A Great Argument Against Voting For Him (AND For Defunding Planned Parenthood)

De-industrialization and Depopulation: The New Green Era Dawns in California

TRUE, BUT NOT NEW: Progressive Base Sees Religious Freedom As Hate Speech….

National Security Council Gutted As Establishment Loyalists Undermine Trump

Shocking Truth About Trump's "Trade Deal" With China

Bombshell: Obama's White House Phone Calls Released

Building Collapse In New Orleans; 1 Dead, 18 Injured, 2 Trapped

Chuck Todd and Other Media Refuse to Cover Questions About Hunter Biden

Jim Jordan: Why Is Pelosi 'Scared to Have a Vote to Open an Official Impeachment Inquiry?'

CRIMINAL Facebook Deletes "Donald Trump is Our President" Facebook Fan Page with 3,276,000 Fans!

Reverse Engineering The Goals Of Terraforming / Geoengineering / Chemtrails: What Biologicals Are Compatible With The End Result?

Whistleblower's Weird Lawyer Schemed To Make A Whistleblower Out Of Mueller
Meet Fiona Hill - The Soros Mole Aiming To Take Down Trump
Apple Warned Apple TV+ Showrunners Not To Anger China - Apple Warned Apple TV+ Showrunners Not To Anger China As Apple embarked on the development of a series of exclusive programming for its Apple TV+ service in early 2018, the company's leadership advised content creators not to piss off China, according to BuzzFeed News. In early 2018 as development on Apple's slate of exclusive Apple TV+ programming was underway, the company's leadership gave guidance to the creators of some of those shows to avoid portraying China in a poor
Apple Warned Apple TV+ Showrunners Not To Anger China
Democrats` Treatment of Trump During "Impeachment" Is How They`d Like to Treat Each of Us in Court
Bill Barr Flames 'Unremitting Assault' On Religion, Traditional Values During Notre Dame Visit
CNN Host Reminded That It's Violence To Alter A Trans Person's Name After Mispronouncing It
Tlaib Says Democrats Have Discussed Detaining White House Officials Who Don't Testify
Wait… Now We're Talking About Decriminalizing Intentional HIV Transmission?
The FBI And NSA Caught Spying On American Citizens ILLEGALLY AGAIN! - By Jason Bermas The news isn t necessarily that they got caught; it s that even a secret court has told them that it s illegal. The fact is that these surveillance systems pre-date 9/11 and every major telecom company has special servers for federal access. Jason Bermas covers the many violations of our privacy and the apparent illusion that we have a 4th Amendment. We live in a national security state with little oversight and no checks and balances. Subscribe to Activist Post for
The FBI And NSA Caught Spying On American Citizens ILLEGALLY AGAIN!
Bill Maher Slams the Far Left and Their 'Bullsh-.' What, Then, of the Future?
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