More Clinton Leaked Emails Detail Devotion To Executive Gun Control

Soros Group Is Accused Of Violating Arizona Election Law

U.N. goes all-in for unlimited migration

The Most Constitutionally Dangerous Candidate Ever Nominated For President

Australia Admits Gun Buyback Failure, Announces Amnesty

Obama Warned Of Rigged Elections Back In 2008: "It Helps We Got Democrats In Charge Of Machines"

Blue State Blues: The Debates Were Shamefully Silent on Benghazi

Major parts of the Internet were crashed on Friday by hackers using devices like security cameras around the world. How is this possible? How Cameras Became an Internet Weapon

5 Guns Hillary Doesn’t Want You to Have

A Vote For Clinton Is Like Electing George Soros

U.S. Support For Legalizing Marijuana Hits All-Time High

WikiLeaks docs shows apparent gender pay gap at Clinton Foundation

Word ‘Man’ Banned by California State University Fullerton, Along With ‘Secretary’, ‘Male Nurse’ And More
- Out of control...

BIAS ALERT Facebook workers tried to censor Trump's posts

Mike Pence On Benghazi: ‘Those Weren’t Four Guys, They Were Four American Heroes’

Unrest and Martial Law? Leaked Military Drill Anticipates “No Rule of Law” After Election Results

Mosul families wave white flags as ISIS thugs round up and execute men and boys used as human shields

Parents slam cafe for telling them to take tantrum-throwing kids outside
- Parenting in the 21st century...

CCW Weekend: The Myth Of The Gun Show Loophole

30 Reasons in 30 Days to Vote for Donald Trump – #17 Trump’s America First Trade Strategy

NSA Can Access More Phone Data Than Ever

#Podesta15: Wikileaks Releases Latest Batch Of Emails From Clinton Campaign Chair

'Philanthropist' George Soros Set To Make A Killing From Europe's 'Forced Migration'

Leaked Email: Diversity To Obama Admin Means No Whites

Why term limits won't heal Washington

'The black life that didn't matter' – $4.95 today only!

Clinton Scheduled To Meet With Black Lives Matter Activists In Ohio
- More riots to come?

Users of Twitter, Netflix and other sites reported failures on Friday morning and again in the afternoon, and a major host said it was under attack. Internet Attack Disrupts Major Websites

Long-eradicated diphtheria reappears in Venezuela; government blames the CIA

Fact-checking 7 claims in president's Obamacare speech

Kurdish migrants targeting teen girl runaways in UK are ‘using car washes as front for child abuse ring’

Clowns Are Officially More Terrifying Than Terrorism, Dying

Woman Savagely Beaten For Asking Man Not To Smoke In The Elevator

An Establishment In Panic

MSM Hates Us, We Hate Them: Anthony Cumia On Fire

And Now… Wikileaks Presents First of Obama’s Secret Emails: “Could There Be Corruption?”

Incredible photos capture the homeless Americans living in the shadow of Hollywood’s world famous sign

Half Of American Adults Exist In A Government Accessible Facial Recognition Network

Sex robot festival that was once BANNED for being too extreme is coming to Britain this Christmas

Obama: It’s Millennials’ Fault That Obamacare Sucks [VIDEO]
- That's right, blame everyone else

Obama Intervenes On Texas Transgendered Bathroom Ruling

Refugee Resettlement Scams Part II: 60 Minutes Enables Program Fraud

Harvard student calls out social justice warrior peers as narrow-minded tyrants

Yahoo! Poll: Fans Not Watching NFL, Kaepernick Protests Primary Reason

Yahoo Scanned Emails For Gov’t Without Knowing Why

UCI student gov demands scholarships for Syrian refugees
- The demanding student should pay for it

Hillary Released “Extremely Sensitive And Thus Highly Classified” Material On National Television: “Should Result In Her Immediate Arrest”
- Shows that she would give America away

Wikileaks Releases Part 14 Of Podesta Emails Bringing Total To 25,000; Exposes Soros' Contact Info

Hillary Remembers 1987 NYT Ad During Debate but Can’t Remember Answers to FBI Questions During Email Scandal Interview
- Selective memory?

California idiot, fooling around with handcuffs, accidentally cuffs herself. Calls the police who find out she's got a felony warrant outstanding. Now she's standing in the jail.

Hillary Clinton Laughs Off ‘Basket Of Deplorables’ at Al Smith Dinner

7 Things Voters Should Care About Besides Trump Vs. Hillary

Man who sold new £5 note for £80,000 on eBay is trolled by the winner

Trump’s Right: It’s Time To Limit Congressional Terms

Obamacare Premiums Up 30% In TX, MS, KS; 50% In IL, AZ, PA; 93% In NM: When Does The Death Spiral Blow Up?

Concealed Carrier Kills Attempted Robber In Florida

Donald Trump Announces an ‘American Desk’ to Promote ‘America First’ Trade Deals

WIKILEAKS: Bernie’s Wife Jane BEGGED HIM Not to Endorse Hillary

Fact-Check: Yes, Hillary Clinton Wants a 550% Increase in Syrian Refugees in U.S.

Fact-Check: No, 33,000 Not Killed with Guns Each Year

Schools Ditch Academics For Emotional Manipulation
- The weakening continues

She Compromised Way More Than Just Emails: Security Agent Tells “What Hillary Is Really Like”

President pushes ObamaCare despite double-digit rate hikes

Poor Josh Earnest and Donna Brazile: Trying And Failing to Defend Hillary and Obama

Clinton's 5 Most Outrageous Lies From the Last Debate

Biden: Trump Is ‘So Stupid… He Doesn’t Understand The Damage He’s Doing’ [VIDEO]
- From someone who tells people to "Empty their gun into the air" in self defense

University demands anti-PC professor use "correct gender pronouns"

WikiLeaks Releases First Batch Of Barack Obama’s Emails

People Who Can’t Find Sex Partners Should Be Classified as ‘Disabled,’ Says World Health Organization

U. Michigan hosts racially separate forums, white student reporter booted from one for non-whites
- Racisim at it's core

Trump Is Right To Question The Electoral Process

STDs Currently at a Record High

TCU students demand $100M for minorities, ban on 'hateful speech'
- The stupidity continues

Top General: ISIS Morphing Into Guerrilla Insurgency Group

Top Insider Confirms Hillary Odor Problem, Actual Demon?

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