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Political Cartoons by Henry Payne - July 02
Awesome Barbecue

Watch: College Kids Try to Explain What the 4th of July Is About, Fail
Watch: College Kids Try to Explain What the 4th of July Is About, Fail Miserably

Leftists Celebrate Fourth of July With Anti-American T-Shirts - Proud Americans will be donning shirts, hats, socks, and masks patterned after the stars and stripes this Independence Day to celebrate our great nation. But disaffected liberals will be protesting America's supposedly inherent hatred and oppression by taking virtue-signaling to a new level: with anti-Fourth of July T-shirts. It's just another leftist attempt at using this year's holiday to trash America. 'Not everyone was free on the 4th of July 1776,' reads one shirt,
Leftists Celebrate Fourth of July With Anti-American T-Shirts

You're A FOOL If You Support The NFL: Washington Redskins Make Major Announcement About Team Name

Trump Hails Falling Coronavirus Death Counts

RECALL Boise ID Progressive City Mayor Lauren Mclean! She Is Destroying This Great City!

You're A FOOL If You Support The NFL: NFL Will Play Black National Anthem Before Each Week 1 Game This Fall - Will Honor Victims Of Police Brutality With Helmet Decals

How Pandemics Shape Civilization and Humanity

"The American Government Still Owes A Debt": Reparations Bill Gaining Steam In House

Newsom: No Singing to Worship God but Worship at the Altar of Black Lives Matter However You Want

What Do You Do Now That You Bought Your Gun?

Last Supper Painting with Black Jesus Goes On Display After Church Caves to BLM

'We Do Not Tolerate Racism,' Says University That Just Promoted 'Kneecap White Men' Professor

Illegal Aliens Can Now Pay Cheaper Tuition Than American Citizens in Virginia

It Seems ATF Behind Ghost Gun Hysteria

Boycott Businesses in States with Mandatory Face Mask Rules
READ: The Declaration of Independence - The Declaration of Independence, submitted to the Continental Congress on June 28, 1776, approved on July 2 and declared on July 4, is the document in which the 13 American colonies formally stated their independence from Great Britain and set forth the ideas upon which the U.S. government would be based. It is reproduced in its entirety below (courtesy of the National Archives): "In Congress, July 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in
READ: The Declaration of Independence
Racism Is Dead! Racist Elk Statue Burns In Portland, Oregon
Epstein Cohort Ghislaine Maxwell Could End Up in Same Notorious Prison Where He Was Found Dead by 'Suicide'
Chicago Police: 15 People Shot, 3 Dead on Thursday
NY Democrat House Candidate: 'Report' Trump Supporters
Walmart Transforming 160 Parking Lots Into Drive-In Movie Theaters
Horowitz: We can no longer celebrate our independence. We must fight for it again. - The day was July 4, 1826. As John Adams lay on his deathbed in the afternoon, he uttered his final words: "Thomas Jefferson survives." While in the literal sense, Adams was mistaken because Jefferson had died several hours earlier, in one way he was correct. The work that Jefferson completed on that very day exactly 50 years before the work Adams helped him craft before the two became archenemies and then friends again survived another two hundred years. Until now. July 4,
Horowitz: We Can No Longer Celebrate Our Independence. We Must Fight For It Again.
Conservatives: Stop Appropriating Cancel Culture!
L.A. Times Publishes Beijing-funded Propaganda
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