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Big Tech Lies Matter - A.F. Branco Cartoon - By A.F. Branco - Big Tech Lies Matter A.F. Branco Cartoon is original content from Conservative Daily News - Where Americans go for news, current events and commentary they can trust - Conservative News Website for U.S. News, Political Cartoons and more.
Big Tech Lies Matter

Funny How That Works - Public Education Is Run By Democrats Who Hate The Country - I know one thing for a certain fact. Public education in this nation with its current curriculum and how it is implemented is totally antithetical to the existence and survival of the US. The teacher s unions and the left hate corporations and capitalism, yet their plush public pensions depend on a healthy investment climate. But since they demand taxpayers make up any investment losses, it is no skin off their nose if they keep destroying the US economy and give us a lost generation of K-12
Funny How That Works - Public Education Is Run By Democrats Who Hate The Country

Bill Gates Wants You To Fear The NEXT CRISIS, Worse Than The Scamdemic - Bill Gates is doing such a good job as a puppet of the central banksters. He's ginning up fear once again, saying another crisis looms, and it'll be more devastating than the COVID-19 scamdemic. Microsoft's co-founder is changing gears momentarily to panic the masses about climate change. He's now begging the government to address climate change (take away people's remaining rights) with the same 'sense of urgency' as it has the coronavirus crisis. If the
Bill Gates Wants You To Fear The NEXT CRISIS, Worse Than The Scamdemic

LIBERAL MATH: Pelosi Says Dems Willing to Cut a Trillion in Spending 'If Republicans Add a Trillion'

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Announces National Guard Funding Changes For 3 States, And Admin Officials Say More States Are On The Way

Why Do Our Intelligence Agencies Keep Lying to Us?

Why Don't These Black Lives Matter?

As The Left Attempts To Eliminate Second Amendment Rights And Cops In America, Gun Sales Set Records

Wow: Seattle 'Respects' Black Voices by Slashing Black Police Chief's Salary in Retaliation for 'Defund' Criticism

'Pipe Bombs' Thrown at Portland Antifa?

Meet Gen Z GOP, A Group Of Confused Liberals

Bill Gates Sounds The Alarm On US Coronavirus Testing, Rushing Potential Vaccine

Desperate: Biden Grasps For Gretchen Whitmer As Potential Running Mate

Repeat Criminal Released From Jail Due to Covid-19 Concerns Murders Maryland Man - Victim's 16-Year-Old Daughter Witnessed Attack!

Trump's Political Masterstroke

Oprah Says "Child Molesters Make Children Feel Good"
Crowd Erupts in Cheers After Trump Turns the Tables on Lecturing Journalist
Nashville councilwoman suggests legislation charging those without a mask with murder or attempted
Nashville Councilwoman Suggests Legislation Charging Those Without A Mask With Murder Or Attempted Murder
Nancy Pelosi Pops Off When PBS Anchor Asks Her A Real Question
THOUSANDS Of Boaters Participate In Trump Boat Parade In Biloxi, Mississippi
The New York Times Circles the Drain
Trump Warns Of New Deep State Coup Attempt
'Squad' Member Tlaib Violated Campaign Finance Law, House Ethics Commitee Unanimously Rules
Police target defund politicians - The Democrat defund the police movement, promoted by the Black Lives Matter has prompted police to become political. The police associations from several cities have formed a federal super PAC to tackle politicians that support efforts to cut policing and police funds. This is an excellent idea! The Protect and Serve PAC will engage in races where there is a clear distinction between candidates who embrace the disastrous policy of defunding the police and those who recognize
Yes!! Police Target Defund Politicians
Catching COVID in This California County Could Earn Residents $1,250
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