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Paper Tigers - A.F. Branco
Paper Tigers

Google Sued for Unwanted Tracking of Phone Locations - The suit accuses Google of violating privacy law (AFP) A lawsuit filed in federal court here accuses Google of invading people s privacy by tracking the whereabouts of smartphones users despite location history settings being turned off. The suit filed Friday by a California man seeks unspecified damages along with class-action status to represent all US iPhone or Android smartphone users who turned off location history in order not to have their movements logged by Google.
Google Sued for Unwanted Tracking of Phone Locations

Poll: Overwhelming Majority Of Voters Dislike
Poll: Overwhelming Majority Of Voters Dislike Antifa

She's Back In Back: Hillary Clinton To Fundraise For Democrats This Fall

Big One Coming? 69 Major Earthquakes Hit Ring of Fire In 48 Hours

The Engineered Collapse of Venezuela Was the Beginning of a War on the Free World

There's life after Google! Big Tech's Achilles' heel

Transgender Man Running For Governor in Vermont Getting Death Threats

#TREETOO: Study: More 'Ecosexual' Professors Are Having Sex with Trees….

April Ryan Demands Sarah Sanders Pay for Her Personal Body Guard

Powerful Hurricane Looms in Pacific, Could Be First of 2018 to Hit US

At UCLA, 20 Paid Diversity Advocates Isn't Enough

Here's What Happens When Facebook Flags You For 'Hate Speech'
Here's What Happens When Facebook Flags You For 'Hate Speech'

Alex Jones Offers $1 Million Dollars to Anyone Who Can Prove He Encouraged Violence Against the Media

The Real Reason The Media Is So Upset Trump Pulled Brennan's Security Clearance

California Looks to Redefine 'Justifiable' Police Shootings
This Popular Comedian May Have Alienated Scores of Fans with His Dreadful VMA Trump Attack
Just When You Thought You Were Safe, Chelsea Looks to a Career in Politics
Has Trump been told yet? Looks like the GOP is gonna get some help from Hillary in the midterms - Remember that time Hillary Clinton ran for president and lost to Donald Trump? Well, she's back. And doing fundraisers. New exclusive from @HeidiPrzybyla: Hillary Clinton is stepping back into the limelight ahead of the November midterm elections by headlining a series of fundraisers @NBCNews Jesse Rodriguez (@JesseRodriguez) August 20, 2018 A few questions: What Democrat is still fired up to hear Hillary Clinton speak on any subject? How is she still able to raise money? And, who
Has Trump Been Told Yet? Looks Like The GOP Is Gonna Get Some Help From Hillary In The Midterms
Next On The California Banned List: Contact Lenses
South Africa Begins Seizing White-Owned Farms
Antenna Sales Are Rising, In Another Sign of Churn In TV Watching
Tiny Plastic Is Everywhere
6 Reasons You Should Be Filtering Your Water
Be informed: Comprehensive list of dangerous chemicals you must avoid - (Natural News) Manufacturers of food and body products deliberately add toxic chemicals to their merchandise, putting the general public at risk of certain adverse health conditions. Organic food and skin care product manufacturer PureZing! has listed some of the most commonly used toxic chemicals in commercial goods, which include hormone disruptors, carcinogens, and contaminates. People should be careful in between bites Here are some examples of the most toxic chemicals found in food
Be Informed: Comprehensive List Of Dangerous Chemicals You Must Avoid
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