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Thursday, April 18,
Bend Over

1800 Migrants Illegally Enter El Paso Sector in One
1800 Migrants Illegally Enter El Paso Sector In One Day

Nothingburger Mueller Report Came at a Cost Too Great for America - Commentary Can you believe we waited two years for this 400-page nothingburger? We finally have Special Counsel Robert Mueller's long-anticipated report, and all it contains is a bunch of information we already knew. Paul Manafort was a tax cheat. Did you not know that? Mueller, who was supposed to be dedicated to investigating the alleged Trump-Russia conspiracy, indicted Paul Manafort, whom Trump fired, for run of the mill tax evasion that took place years before the election President
Nothingburger Mueller Report Came At A Cost Too Great For America

Ex-DEA Head: US Border "Collapsing"

The Conservative's Guide to Defeating The Swamp

Barr: Mueller Found 'No Evidence of Any Collusion' Between Trump Campaign and Russia

Emergency! Guess Who Chuck Schumer And Nancy Pelosi Want To Speak With ASAP

NBC News Looks At Colorado Backlash Following Anti-Gun Bills

The Globalists Sinister Agenda Is Working To Perfection - Turning Alpha Men Into Beta Boys Is Leading To Western Civilization's Extinction

Flashback: Trump Asked When Trials for Treason Begin for Dems Involved in Russia Hoax

Mueller Exonerates Trump, But 'Russiagate' Will Not Die

Schiff Used Russia Hoax to Become the Top Democratic Fundraiser - Trump has given him an enormous push in many ways (Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., has raised more money than any other Democratic member of Congress by attacking President Donald Trump and promoting the Russia collusion hoax. Schiff reportedly raised $1,874,781 in the first three months of 2019 for next year s congressional campaign, according to a Federal Election Commission report reviewed by the Los Angeles Daily News. This number places Schiff
Schiff Used Russia Hoax to Become the Top Democratic Fundraiser

The Constitution Was Never Pro-Slavery

What If We Behaved As Leftists?

Barr HAMMERS the Liberal Media for Their 'Relentless Speculation' Trump Was Guilty

Mexico Says It Will Restrict Migrants w/in Its Borders
Amazon Isn't The Only Company That Paid $0 In Federal Taxes Last Year
Which Is the Real Party of Fear? - President Barack Obama participates in an interview with Vox s Ezra Klein (center) and Sarah Kliff at Blair House in 2017. (Carlos Barria/Reuters) Vox's Ezra Klein would do better to examine his own party s many phobias. Few techniques enrage more effectively than a single-word admonition to relax. Try it sometime when someone is upset; it s lighter fluid on the fire, every time. Smug people know this, including the Sultan of Smug, Ezra Klein. The founder of the young-adult
Which Is the Real Party of Fear?
Beto O'Rourke, Other Democrats See The Downside Of Releasing Tax Returns
Reparations And The Weaponization Of Slavery-A Vile Political Stunt.
Left Will Continue To 'Believe In Russia Collusion' Even After Mueller Report Release, Byron York Says
TITUS: Bernie Sanders - The Strong Commander In Chief We Need?
Philosophy Prof Marc Lamparello Arrested Entering St. Patrick's Cathedral With Gas Cans, Lighter Fuel And Lighters
The Price Of Participating In Society Is The Sacrifice Of Privacy And Self - Authored by John Stanton via, In what is arguably one of the most craven opportunistic moves by a business/media group to increase its circulation/profitability, on 10 April the New York Times (NYT) embarked on what it describes as its Privacy Project. A day later on 11 April, no doubt with the NYT's foreknowledge of what was to come thanks to an unofficial US government tip, Ecuador revoked Julian Assange's (Wikileaks founder) asylum in its UK Embassy and fed him
The Price Of Participating In Society Is The Sacrifice Of Privacy And Self
Questioning The Outcome? Cory Booker Says We've Watched As Elections Were Stolen
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